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Blue Bend, A Timeless Oasis In The Mountains Of West Virginia

In Greenbrier County, close to the small little village of White Sulphur Springs, you can find a piece of heaven hidden deep in the mountains of West Virginia.  Blue Bend is a spot the locals know well and is a place that makes this sleepy area of North America worth living in.  First, a little history about Blue Bend.  Anybody from around here knows that the water at blue bend stays COLD all year round, even in the heat of summer this water stays cool and crisp as it passes over the very deep ‘bend’ in Anthony creek.  This creek will eventually empty into the Greenbrier River at Anthony about 4 miles (google earth) from here.  Blue Bend was probably a favorite cooling-off spot long before the Civilian Conservation Corps developed this area during the Great Depression. It is still a great place to swim and Blue Bend Campground has evolved into a place where campers return time and again to pitch their tents under the tall hemlock forest. The forest service also has a great system of trails in the immediate area. Rhododendron forms the primary understory, which makes for good campsite privacy.  Anthony Creek flows off in the distance, with eight campsites lined up along the creek. (trails.com).

The trees that envelope this timeless oasis are spectacular.  Some of the Great White Pines that are found here look like redwoods that you might encounter in Muir Woods.

One of the shelters here at Blue Bend has a plethora of carvings that have added up over the years.  Some are fresh and recent while others are from years past symbolizing the timelessness of this area.
On the way out we cross a cool little suspension bridge that bounces up and down as you pass over Anthony Creek.  We will be back soon to enjoy the great outdoors of the Wild and Wonderful State of West Virginia!
Stay tuned for an article about Cranberry Glades, another hidden treasure here in West Virginia.  Happy Trails!

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  1. melissa lee

    When I was a teenager my friends and I used to go to Blue Bend. Just before you got there we’d stop at a little country store and buy junk food! (Another great picture).

    Such memories!

    May 1, 2012 at 9:52 am

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