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Take Me Out To The Ballgame – Nats Home Opener

It was Thursday April 12th, a blustery day at Washington Nationals Park for their home opener.  The Nationals had started their season on the road with a 4 & 2 record, not too shabby for the Nats.  My daughter and I hope this is the year the Nats do something good and bring sports happiness back to D.C.  because the Redskins and Wizards seem to disappoint each year.  Abby and I hit the center field gates in hopes we would be one of the first 20,000 fans so we could get that free Washington Nationals Hat!  As we entered the stadium I spied a tall stack, a thousand hats or so, I knew then we would be receiving our Nats Hats.

After 5 innings in our seats we decided to explore the stadium and indulge on the grandiose of food selections  like Jamming Island BBQ  in center field. This place is the real deal, offering excellent jerk ribs and jerk chicken, plus sides of cole slaw, potato salad and corn on the cob. After exploring every corner and level of this beautiful stadium many times since its opening in 2008, I finally found my secret spot  perched atop the upper deck in the left field corner under the sun.  In this spot you get a complete view of the ballpark and you hear  the broadcast of 106.7 the fan radio station instead of the ballpark announcer.  This place is like an oasis.  Out of 40,000 plus fans there were only a small group of patrons in this area.

The ballpark has approximately 41,000 seats and features 79 suites on three levels, but somehow through the expanse of all this territory I ran into a couple of my best buds, and two of my daughters favorite mascots! George and Honest Abe!

After the Nationals gave the home crowd a scare by blowing their lead late in the 9th inning.  They finally won the game in overtime sending relief throughout the stadium.  As the fans left Nationals Park there was a buzz in the air like I’ve never experienced at a Nats game before.  I have a feeling this season will be good! GO NATS!


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