Random Life moments from a Biracial Guy with a Unique perspective on Life

That’s the Tiger I know

So if you’re not already aware, Tiger Woods won today on the PGA Tour for the first time since 2009.  To all of you that have followed Tiger during his hall of fame career this win surely brings fourth a plethora of emotions.  For me, Tiger’s win makes me feel like a weight has been lifted from my hypothalamus. I’ve been a big Tiger fan since his pro career started right about the time I started my college years.  Tiger and I have much in common, we are practically the same age (he was born Dec.1975 and, I July 1975), we both have two children about the same age, a boy and a girl, we are both biracial, and both have a love for the game of golf. Tiger obviously makes more money than me and is a much better golfer, but I feel a unique connection with him.I have watched Tiger grow over the years and accomplish things no golfer in history has ever achieved.  The public became aware of Tiger’s dark side when the media went crazy over the tumultuous events that occurred in Tiger’s life after the 2009 season.  We have all made bad decisions in life and so did Tiger. Like Chubbs (Carl Wethers) told Happy (Adam Sandler) in the movie “Happy Gilmore”, “go to your happy place”. Sometimes it’s hard to get to our “HappyPlace” on the golf course and only the sad places we’ve been come to mind in our backswing. We fight these thoughts in our minds on the golf course at times. And we try to make up for the past and be better men all the time.  The media came down hard on Tiger, and I’m proud he was able to stay strong enough to fight back to the top again and get his 7th win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational.  Keep it going Tiger! Next stop Augusta.



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