Random Life moments from a Biracial Guy with a Unique perspective on Life

Greenbrier State Forest, WV

Today the kids the dog and I ventured into the Greenbrier State Forest, one of our usual destinations.  This place is a gem, hidden in the ancient Appalachian mountains that blanket this area. For info go here, Greenbrier State Forest . A very cool scenic road transverses this park rising to elevations of more than 3300 ft.  The road crosses over Kate’s Mountain starting from the Harts Run exit on interstate 64 and ending in the town of White Sulphur Springs.  The route takes you into the forest and makes it’s way through the camping area,  past multiple picnic shelters that are scattered throughout the park, and on to a large beautiful expanse of meadow surrounded by forest that hides an 18 hole frisbee golf course.  During the summer this is the perfect area to bring your pets, take your family for a picnic, or hit a few golf balls around.  If it wasn’t for this particular area I would refuse to live in Greenbrier County!  As you cruise past the meadow you start heading straight up the mountain, before you know it you’re surrounded by old and thick forest.  This is a paved road but once you reach the top of the ridge you take an abrupt left turn on to a gravel road.  This is the really cool road,  it continues along the ridge line to a maximum elevation of around 3300 ft.  About midway across the ridge there is a trail head that leads back down the side of the mountain that I will attempt this year.  That’s right, I know which trails to hike, the ones that go downhill.

As we continued over Kate’s Mountain, in the distance you get a glimpse of The Greenbrier Resort miles away over to the left.  You can pull over anywhere along this stretch and crank up your tunes, or take off walking through the forest.  Here you can get up close and personal with the woods,  unlikely to see another human being or a car pass by.  The section of road leading down the other side is very narrow and at times extremely close to the sharp drop off on the left.  For someone afraid of heights, this stretch will surely put them in panic mode.  As we wind our way down the mountain to White Sulphur, the kids and the dog are asleep, it’s just me and my thoughts.

One more stop to hit a few balls off the cliff, and we’ll be on our way. 🙂


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